Project Description

Tim Evans is Professor of Business and Political Economy at Middlesex University London and is an independent policy, corporate and public affairs specialist. He is also a Senior Fellow with the world-class economics think tank, the Adam Smith Institute and Chairman of the Economic Policy Centre.

He has a wealth of high-level domestic and international experience across the corporate and public affairs spectrum, including external communications, regulatory affairs, (Westminster, Whitehall, No.10, Brussels and Washington DC) strategic public affairs (proactive and reactive), public policy (formulation, development and implementation with government and think tanks), marketing, public speaking, media training, high level strategy (development and delivery) and managing complex stakeholder relations. Over the years, he has consulted with the global corporate affairs leaderships of many of the world’s largest companies, including Pfizer, ExxonMobil, Microsoft and Merck Sharp and Dohme – to name but a few. In the UK, he has worked alongside General Healthcare Group PLC, BUPA, Tyler Capital and a wide range of SMEs and high net-worth individuals.

A former President and Director General of the Centre for the New Europe (2002-2005) in Brussels, between 1993 and 2002, he was the Executive Director of Public Affairs at the Independent Healthcare Association () in London where he oversaw the political affairs and public relations of the UK’s independent health and social care sector, which at the time, employed 750,000 people and represented more than 3 percent of UK GDP. In this role he was widely credited as being the major driving force behind the ‘2000 NHS/Independent Sector Concordat’ which was described by the Financial Times as the most “historic deal in 50 years of British healthcare”. Personally negotiated with Prime Minister Tony Blair, the deal enabled NHS funded patients to receive for the first time ever, treatment and care in the country’s independent hospitals. Now benefiting more than 400,000 patients a year, in 2014 alone, the work generated additional revenue of £1.2 billion.

In 1991, Tim was the Head of the Slovak Prime Minister’s Policy Unit in Bratislava where he also served as the Chief Economic and Political adviser to Prime Minister Dr. Jan Carnogursky and his Cabinet. Prior to that, in the late 1980s, he had been the Assistant Director of the Foundation for Defence Studies where he worked alongside the organisation’s chairman, the former Chief of the Defence Staff, Field Marshall the Lord Bramall.

Tim has an M.Sc and PhD from the London School of Economics and in 2011 was awarded an MBA from the Open University Business School. Holding a NATO sponsored Post-graduate Certificate in National Security from the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany; in 2006, he was also awarded membership of the Mont Pelerin Society. He became Professor of Business and Political Economy at Middlesex University in 2014.

A regular commentator on television and radio, his articles have appeared in City AM, The Economist, Guardian, Wall Street Journal Europe and a host of other media platforms around the world. Today, he lives in central London with his wife Dr. Helen Evans and their daughter, Petica.