Project Description

Niall O’Driscoll

Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, The vStream Group

As Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of vStream, Niall works at the cutting edge of designing and developing new patient-centric platforms using virtual and augmented reality technology. These platforms use psychoeducation and neuroeducation techniques to empower patients and form part of digital therapy techniques to reduce stress and increase adherence to medication administration. In addition, the platforms represent the patient’s point-of-view to address issues of empathy between patients and health-care professionals, as well as family, friends and careers, also addressing mental health issues such as feelings of isolation.

As a founding director of Irish organisation Nurture Africa, focussing on supporting children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and operating in Uganda, Niall spent over seven years developing the organisation as a board member, culminating in the building of a health centre in Nansana, Kampala supporting over 20,000 patients a year.

Winning multiple awards for his work over the past 20 years as a writer, director, storyteller, innovator and entrepreneur, Niall continues to work across many varied verticals including sports, retail and healthcare, visitor attractions and property development pushing the boundaries of concept through continued R&D. Companies include Mercedes F1, McLaren Technology Group, Pfizer, Novartis, Servier and Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Niall’s background in theatre and film, coming top of his class from Trinity College and receiving a First Class Masters, has formed the bed-rock of his work with vStream over the past decade, redefining narrative structures for new platforms, from stereoscopic 3D, through augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality to defining how these narratives are mapped onto physical spaces to create new and unique experiences.

At the launch of Mission Control 2, Sir Ron Dennis, CEO of McLaren, referred to it not as the work of technologists but of storytellers. The award-winning experience for SAP, housed in The McLaren Technology Centre, London, imagines the future of Formula 1 racing, and realizes that story through gestural holograms, intelligent tables, augmented reality glasses and electromagnetic glass. These are some of the tools and palette of Niall’s work with co-founder Andrew Jenkinson.

The futuristic sculpture, The Cube, in Levis Stadium, not only tells a story and redefines a space, but becomes itself, a creative platform for partner brands to tell their stories with visualizations and interactions never before possible. A fitting response to the challenge and opportunity that Super Bowl 50 presented.

Niall founded the vStream Group with Andrew Jenkinson in 2007 acting as joint-CEO and the chief creative force within the group over that time. The company has offices in Dublin, London and New York. Niall works with clients both creatively and strategically, including on a consultative level.

Other Roles


Focus Ireland

Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee, Advisory Member

Niall was recently asked to join the committee having been a supporter and fun draiser for the past five years through the ‘Shine-a-Light’ campaign.

Previous Roles


Nurture Africa, founding member

Niall was a founding member and board member of Nurture Africa for seven years, an organisation based in Uganda supporting children who are affected or infected by HIV-AIDS through multiple initiative in healthcare, nutrition and education. The organisation recently opened its maternity ward.

Speaker and Writer

Niall continues to speak at various industry events and has published articles in industry journals and online.