Project Description

Hazel Chappell
Founder/Principal Digital Healthcare Advisor – ishca health Inc

Hazel arrived to America 3 years ago having worked in Ireland followed by the UK for over 17 years with Digital Transformation in healthcare. She is an entrepreneur and business woman based in Austin, Texas and is founder and Principal Digital Health Advisor at ishca health Inc. Her significant operational management in clinical systems implementation underpins her knowledge and understanding of the Electronic Patient Record. Hazel champions disruptive technologies to support America’s efforts in Digital Transformation of health and care through innovation with a emphasis on LifeSciences. She has key interests in Security of Data, Humanizing Change and Cybersecurity as part of this focus.

Hazel has been appointed as an Advisor to Austin’s DellMed Innovation Catalyst program, reviewing and contributing to a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial innovative initiatives. She is currently an Executive Advisor to leadership in health start-ups charged with enhancing Operational and Investment efforts to scale up. She brings value to new startup organizations by ensuring operational readiness, driving faster adoption, getting engagement from the right people to accelerate business change which delivers cost benefits in an efficient and effective manner to Proof of Concept.

Hazel has headed up ventures across Europe, to include UK, Sweden, Spain and Ireland.

She recently lectured in UT Austin on European status in the health and care ecosystems sharing evidence on successful innovative solutions. Additionally she was presenting educator to senior Texas Data Leaders on “Digital Transformation includes Leadership”.

She is a member of the Texas Interoperability Collaborative, OWASP Austin, HIMSS Austin/Texas, an active contributor to HHS ONC 405(d) Task Group, and remains a member of the English healthcare leadership digital network. She is former committee member to e-Health Ireland.

Hazel has a diverse and interesting healthcare and Life Sciences network together in Texas, nationally across America and globally.