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Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

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Greg Martin, MD, MPH, MBA The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is set to transform almost every aspect of healthcare and will translate into improvements in health outcomes that will be akin to the discovery of penicillin. However, as we hurtle toward this promised utopia with heart-thumping enthusiasm, it might be worth taking a moment [...]

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Future Health Summit 2020 update

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David Neville, CEO & Founder of Future Health Summit and Investnet limited This week to celebrate 3 months of our Future Health Summit Blog I thought I’d give you an update on the event itself. Firstly, though I’d like to thank all our contributors so far, as we’ve had fantastic readership and feedback from our audience, [...]

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James Sheehan, Orthopaedic surgeon, engineer, businessman and entrepreneur   Whenever we appear to have a crisis in healthcare, and politicians appear under pressure, they commission yet another health report. The latest report is Sláintecare, drawn up by 14 representatives of all the major political parties. No country to date has satisfied the insatiable needs of modern [...]

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Ireland Has a Unique Opportunity to Become a Global Leader in Precision Medicine

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Dr. Anne Jones, CEO at Genomics Medicine Ireland Group While Ireland has lagged behind other developed countries when it comes to genomics medicine, we have an opportunity to leapfrog other initiatives and become a leading healthcare provider in precision medicine with the right investment and partnership between public and private sectors. Public-private approaches to medical research [...]

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